Travel to Iran. Day 4. Yazd

On the way from Kerman to Yazd.

On the way from Kerman to Yazd.

On the way from Kerman to Yazd.

On the way from Kerman to Yazd.

On the way from Kerman to Yazd.

In Yazd at the terminal, a man immediately ran up to me and began to call the names of the cities. Without waiting until he finishes playing with himself in the cities, I immediately said — Shiraz. He took my hand and shouted “VIP! Shiraz! ”, Which meant — to Shiraz VIP class. I began to explain to him in English that I would ask for a ticket and then we would talk to him. He called for heavy artillery in the form of a taxi driver who knows English. He said through him that he would take me to Shiraz at any time. I said that I would be completely satisfied with 12 nights, having decided to kill 2 birds with one stone: road + overnight. It remained only to bring down the price, because for the night he agreed for 30 thousand fogs. I’m at the cashier, he — for me. Not a step behind. The ticket office said that there are tickets for 14 thousand normal class. VIP, seeing that I agree to 14, threw off the price from 30 to 25 and took the interpreter “translate to him, discount! A discount!». I pretended to think. In the end, agreed. Opponent already sweated. On the way to ITS checkout (and in Iran there are a lot of car companies at the terminals and each has its own checkout), he asked where I was from?


And then he said that in this case — even cheaper. 20 thousand. Totally 1.5 times cheaper and 2 problems solved.
Having solved the issue of transport and overnight, he boldly went to the city center. He decided to start his inspection with the Amir Chakmak complex, the main part of which is the three-storey Hossein, a ritual building designed for prayer and grief for Imam Hussein.

Flower beds in the city of Yazd

The main attraction of the city of Yazd. Amir Chakmak.

To the right of the complex is a building with five badgirs. Previously, it was a huge reservoir in which water was stored for the city. There, a 12-year-old boy approached me, began to talk in English about the sights of Yazd, offered to take a picture of me on my camera, well, he said that he could walk around the city with me. I decided that the company is better than one. It turned out that this boy is not 12, but 15 years old. I asked him — where you can taste the faluda. He took me to the shop where they made and sold this delicacy. I asked for 2 servings — for me and my new friend. My companion refused, and I tried. Quite unusual and tasty, but very sweet. This is the first ice cream that was invented. Thin crispy cobweb pasta made from cornmeal in a cold sweet syrup. Watered with different additives yet.


After some time, it turned out that this boy was waiting for 1 dollar from me. He paid him for his company and went to the Temple of Fire. Zoroastrian temple Atashkad.

On one of the streets of Yazd

On another street Yazd


There were 2 people dressed not exactly like Iranians. He asked — where are they from? It turned out the Pakistanis. I ask — from Zahedan? YES! — they answered with surprise. We were surprised how I guessed the city from which they came. Zahedan is the only city I knew on the border of Iran and Pakistan. Invited to visit. Remembering the Taliban, politely refused.

Guests from sunny Zahedan. The one in the middle is from Samara

Fire has been burning in this temple since 474 AD. Than not eternal fire.

Fire worshiped by Zaraostrians

At the shrine of Zaraostrians

«Thus spoke Zarathustra» (c)


After visiting a religious facility, I went to the water museum. The exhibition is dedicated to the extraction of water in the difficult conditions of ancient Persia, the preservation of this very cool water, as well as various water supply systems.

After the museum I went for a walk in the old bazaar town. Recommended to find and visit the old prison of Alexander (built by Alexander of Macedon). While I was looking for her, I was walking through the old town, asking passers-by for a road.

Old Yazd. Something like Khiva.

Streets of Old Yazd and Badgirs

The domes of the old Yazd

Narrow streets of Yazd

Doors in Iran. Beaters on the right and on the left door are different. so that the residents might be able to determine by knocking on the door. If to the left, then guests came to the woman. If the right — then a man. This was done so that the woman did not come out to meet the guests of the man in an inappropriate way.

Doors with different beaters

Another Persian stopped his motorcycle and offered to sit down — take Alexander to prison. And we rushed on a motorcycle through the narrow streets of the old Yazd, circling passers-by.

Narrow street Yazd

Prison turned into a shop, the entrance to which, moreover, is also paid.

In the shops of those sold crafts and souvenirs. The photo shows the famous copper coinage.

Zulfiya, Zuhra, Fatima, Gulchatay

Another highlight of the city remained unvisited. Where I went. But first you had to get out of the maze of the old city. I see a bus with tourists pulls away. These were schoolchildren (or students). One of them knew the English and through him the driver said that I should sit down and he would take me where I needed. The guys were very happy, gave me a place, then sang, clapped their hands. We sang an Iranian song and asked me to sing a Russian song. Sang them «w.w.w.leningrad» group «Leningrad».

In the bus with Iranian students. Or by students.

The one with the glasses knows English, and the most chic they have is the one in the «pink blouse»

Under these badgirs a huge reservoir that used to supply the entire city with water

Persians, I and falude

I exchanged currency and received a banknote of 1 million rials. I am a Persian millionaire.

Banknote in a million rials

I am a Persian millionaire

The bill depicts Persepolis. Tomorrow I’ll be there.

Walking through the evening city, went to the shops and shops. Gradually understanding what it is — Persian luxury.

In the china shop

In the china shop

Young seller


Persian rugs

Evening dresses

Wall decoration in the water museum

In the evening streets went to the same garden.

Evening streets of Yazd

Evening streets of Yazd

And here it is — the most interesting garden in Yazd. «Bagh e Dolat Abad.» This former residence of Karim Hana Zanda was built in 1750 and is a palace surrounded by gardens. The building itself is notable for having the highest badgir in Iran.

Actually. The building with the highest badgir in Iran

Inside you can close the doors and windows to admire the amazing windows of multicolored mosaic. If you can — it means you need! Admired, then went for a walk in the garden. Very relaxing. And residents of the city come there not only to take a walk, but also to sit in a restaurant that is also organized there. At one of the tables on the ottomans, a company of women and children was noisy celebrating the birthday of one of them. Noisy, despite the fact that without vodka (which seems incomprehensible to a Russian person).

On the couch in the garden

It is time to go to the terminal, from where it was necessary to go to Shiraz.

Terminal in Yazd

Steel horse. He is a hotel on wheels (for me). VIP class in Iran.

When boarding a bus to Shiraz, they handed over their luggage. The driver asked each passenger a name and wrote it on a piece of scotch tape, which he then glued to the baggage. I did not ask anything, but immediately wrote something and stuck it. Probably gave some nickname. In Shiraz, I saved this piece of paper and, on occasion, gave an English-speaking Persian to read. It was written «bald.»

Internet in Iran is slow. Some sites are blocked (Facebook, YouTube), people actively use a proxy.
Being in the desert, I noticed that the Big Dipper constellation here is very low above the horizon and is located almost vertically.

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